The Special Gift



I recently had a birthday and a memory from the past flooded into my mind. Not of balloons, gifts and  celebration, but of a quiet moment on my birthday years ago.  Birthdays come and birthdays go, but special memories remain as precious treasures in one’s heart. This one memory is from 12 years ago.  My son Tucker was just starting to walk and his words were few and his challenges in life were many. He was my teacher that day and the giver of joy.



This year for my birthday

I received one of the most precious gifts

I have ever received in my life.

My six year old son came into my room with a big grin on his face,

gave me a hug and said excitedly: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Now I know that may not seem too impressive to most,

but this was the first time he had ever said those words to me.

And not only did he say them together clearly,

but he really understood that it was Mommy’s birthday;

He had categorized my birthday into his little brain,

along with all the other birthdays he had experienced~

THAT, in itself deserved a party!

It brought tears to my eyes and is one of those moments

that are written on a Mother’s heart and never forgotten.

Some of life’s most precious gifts come in the smallest packages.

They aren’t’ the things we put on the mantle, or wear on our fingers.

They are the little things that are said, moments that are shared,

time spent just caring for one another.

Sometimes we forget the simplicity of that among-st all of the glitz of the world~

Some have just never figured it out; they are just too blind to see.

But I am thankful for my little “blessing in disguise”,

who not only blesses me daily with a very special love,

but also teaches me to keep my heart and my eyes wide open,

because blessings of love may happen at any moment!



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