Thinking of my dad on his birthday~


This morning after my walk, I stopped by my garden to gather some spinach, dandelion greens and pig-weed to saute’ with a couple of eggs from the chicken coop~ just a bit “granola” huh?  and  I was thinking of my dad. 
When I was in high school I became a vegetarian, I was a vegetarian for 12 years or so. My dad was a meat cutter and  a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  During my high school years, I was in charge of getting dad his dinner, because I was  the only one of my sisters not involved in after school sports.  Many times I would experiment with vegetarian meals  and serve it to my dad. Dad had the motto of : “always eat was is put in front of you”…. and so he did. He didn’t complain too much, he just seemed to think I was crazy and would shake his head.  I stopped being a vegetarian years ago, But I still seem to take the road less taken in many aspects of my life. Dad never agreed with some of the crazy things I did and often he even said so.  I always knew he loved me for who I was no matter how odd I might have seemed to him. 
The distance home has never been as far away as it is now-  I hope dad knows he is loved, missed and forever appreciated.  And when I venture to make a vegetarian dish such as lentil casserole, I always think of my dad who would shake his head and  eat it no matter how awful he thought it was. Thanks Dad. 

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